Friday, July 26, 2019

Subway Operating Environment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Subway Operating Environment - Essay Example Latest Subway restaurants remain coming into existence throughout. The franchise series has recruited excess of 150,000 individuals. The restaurant provides its consumers with several various types of fresh submarines sandwiches in addition known as â€Å"subs†. Consumers all the moment make choices on the way they need their sandwiches to remain served (Griffin, 2012). Subway’s promotion remains founded on freshness. The slogan â€Å"Eat Fresh† informs that Subway series makes use of simply fresh scorched bread and fish constituents. Subway faces very stiff competition from other businesses in the same field like McDonald’s, Burger King and Sunset Boulevard. There existed more than 20 Subways in the late 1990s in Denmark; however, ten years back they vacated the Danish market. During 2009, Subway made efforts to struggle for the Danish market once more. At the start of February, they re-launched Subway in two towns, in Sonderborg and Aalborg. The Subway s eries faces stiff competition in Danish market from key competitors such as the Danish series and Sunset Boulevard. During the time the Subway was removing their restaurants from the Danish Sunset Boulevard purchased three of their divisions (Griffin, 2012). 2.0 Environmental analysis 2.2. Economic factors- They have an influence on all enterprises, countrywide and internationally. Economic elements influence the buying capacity of the consumers and the organization’s cost of capital. It constitutes regions such as the exchange rates, economic development and inflation frequency (Dubofsky, 1968). In the subway, the factors are key help the management to understand the economic growth of the restaurant. 2.3. Social factors- These factors constitute population reforms. There are several elements that influence people’s lifestyle because people stay in a community. A few key factors include household, religion, learning system and positionality (Boyer & Verma, 2010). Demo graphic development rate, age spread and jobs motives remain all incorporated in social factors. Within the restaurant, these factors are critical as they help in planning for the meals based on the population, gender and age discrimination. This ultimately helps in planning for the meals.

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