Monday, July 29, 2019

Current Network Characteristics and Components Essay

In reviewing the Kudler Intranet site it can be determined that all three Kudler offices are connected via a dedicated T3 line, set up as a bus topology. Each location is built around a 100base T, fast Ethernet environment. La Jolla serves as the home office location and the location for the main company server. The main server is an IBM blade server system C3000 with a UNIX operating system. As the main company server it runs all the corporate procurement and logistic software (SAP, ERP) and is responsible for all the print/file services, network services, company e-mail, storage control, and the internal and external web. Server backup is provided by a 10GB network-attached storage system. The retail stores are connected to the network via a point of sale server and point of sale terminals. Communications in and out of La Jolla is ported through two Cisco routers with firewalls. The La Jolla location currently has 19 VoIP phones and 19 employees. As previously stated, both the Del Mar and Encinitas locations are built around a 100base T network. Both locations have a local server which is also an IBM blade server system C3000 with a UNIX operating system. Both servers run the same services at the main company server with the exception of the corporate procurement and logistic software. Retail locations also run the same point of sales terminals. Each location currently has six employees and six VoIP phones. There are a total on 30 computers connected to the company network. Current Network Topology Each location is built on a bus topology. Each location employs 100 base T Ethernet with all stations connected via twisted pair cable. All the nodes (computers, servers, printers) are connected to the bus cable with interface connectors. Several problems come to mind with this type of network topology. Dependency on central cable in this topology has its disadvantages. If the main cable (bus) encounters some problem, whole network breaks down. A limited number of stations can be added to the network, these severely impacts future capacity growth. Performance degrades as additional computers are added or on heavy traffic periods. Data speeds can be severely impacted by an increase is users or if users are accessing the network at the same time. Also of concern with this type of topology is the possibility of higher maintenance costs and troubleshooting difficulty. Security is very low on this type of network architecture. Standards Several standards will be applicable to a project of this scope; these standards will depend upon the level of the OSI model that is being addressed. Frame relay will be used at the WAN level. IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standards will be applicable with Wi-Fi certified devices. Voice over IP (VoIP) uses IP protocols and the International Telecommunication Unions ITU-T standard (H.323). References Reference Anonymous (2007) Kudler Fine Foods. Retrieved February 6, 2013, from Reference Anonymous (2007) Kudler Fine Foods Intranet. Retrieved February 9, 2013, from

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