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CONVENT LIFE OF A CAMELITE NUN Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

CONVENT LIFE OF A CAMELITE NUN - Essay Example Her new novice’s veil seemed to have its own source of light and it radiated above her feet, catching the rays of the moon from the small, high window. This reminded Jessie of the momentous decision which had brought her here to begin a new life of prayer and seclusion. Thinking of the greatness of God and the exciting prospect of joining this community of nuns, Jessie eventually fell asleep. There was a faint ringing in the distance, and Jessie dreamed of the convent garden, where she would pray with the other novices. The sun would shine and she would sing with the nuns, happy at last to be a part of their community. How sweet the bell sounded, and how glorious it was to have a calling to be a Carmelite nun! There would be endless days of sunshine and singing, and Jessie would look serene and contented in her distinctive habit and veil, happy at last to have found her true vocation. A rough hand shook Jessie’s shoulder and she opened her eyes to see an older woman shaking her fist and looking very cross. In total silence the nun pulled Jessie from the bed and dragged her down the corridor to the washroom. In less than three minutes she was stripped of her nightgown and bundled into the uniform of the novitiate – a full-length brown habit and the white novice’s veil. â€Å"Wait, wait, I have to adjust my clothes† she cried, searching in vain for a mirror, but the nun placed one finger on Jessie’s lips and pushed her unceremoniously through the door. The chapel was filled with nuns. Jessie slunk in to a pew at the back, and tried to look inconspicuous. An hour of silent prayer was followed by an hour of psalms and readings and then a formal Mass. The overriding sensation that Jessie felt was tiredness, although boredom and hunger also troubled her during these lengthy rituals. Everyone else seemed to know exactly what to do. When to sit, or to stand, and how to respond to the Divine Office. At last, the nuns filed

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