Saturday, July 20, 2019

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Living in today’s American society is a blessing and a curse. Never has information been so easily attainable, knowledge is literally at our fingertips, that being the blessing. However, so are advertisements, movies, songs and general media that are coming at us so fast that we have no idea how to handle it. The average American is subjected to about 3000 ads per day (Kilbourne, 2006). The curse is what it does to our generation’s ideal perception of the perfect body, advertisement being the biggest culprit of them all. Hyper sexualized women and men in the media are the reason that 80% of children by the age of ten years old are afraid of being fat. According to a recent study in Spain found that adolescents consume an average of 3 hours to 3.2 hours a day of television on weekdays and weekends, respectively (Bercedo Sanz et al., 2005). Children are still in their developmental stage, their brain and ideas are still forming which is why they are so easily targeted. Television, magazines, films, billboards, and the like frequently offer a distorted vision of the world (Bercedo Sanz et al., 2005; Shrum, 2009), and it may be difficult for children and adolescents to distinguish whether what they see is real or not, so that they are more vulnerable to the messages transmitted (American Academy of Pediatrics, 2001). Men and women are each targeted very differently in media. Although sex sells, it is the image in the advertisement itself that is what is engrained in our minds. Media tells us that wome n are supposed to be skinny, dainty and delicate. Whereas men they are supposed to be big and strong so that women will faun all over them and their muscles. These images are making young children’s self-esteem plummet way faster in th... ...ian body builder Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian is considered a god amongst men in the body building community. He died of a heart attack in a sauna due to steroid abuse while on vacation in Thailand. Why people consider him a hero is still a mystery. In the media the seemingly over weight men never get the posy and are never taken seriously. Men must be stern chiseled and highly sophisticated. Not only that but they must also take charge and be animalistic, women in the media are often portrayed as objects for the men’s pleasure. Media is a vessel in which women and men a like use in order to try to better themselves. In trying to duplicate what they see they really are only causing themselves heart ache and emotional and psychological damage. Until we can passively look at media and still be happy with whom we are; we as a society can never be happy and healthy.

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