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The Pros and Cons of Gene Alteration Essay -- Exploratory Essays Resea

The Pros and Cons of Gene Alteration Abstract A new epidemic in human reproduction is slowly sweeping the earth, and it is known as human gene alteration. It gives parents the ability to decide their babies' sex, hair color, or even eye color. Creating these so called "designer babies" seems like the perfect way to have the child you have always dreamed of. But is this a moral way to go about reproduction? Is it fair to these children to mess with their genes just for your own satisfaction of having the perfect baby? Gene alteration can also be used in other more beneficial ways. One being to prevent and weed out disease that effects an unborn child. Gene alteration can be very beneficial, but only if used in the right way such as preventing and controlling disease. Myths of Reproduction For centuries, people have been trying to choose their babies sex through home remedies. Some of these home remedies include: diet, temperature, and the phases of the moon. For diet, researchers believe if the mother eats veggies, sweets and an excess amount of calcium she will have a girl. It is also believed that if men avoid hot tubs and wear loose clothes they will have boys. The phases of the moon are also thought to be a factor. If a baby is conceived during a full moon, it is most likely going to be a girl. If a baby is conceived on a quarter moon, it will probably be a boy (Kantrowitz, 2001, p. 51). There are thousands of these home remedies that people actually swear by. The truth about these home remedies, is that they probably don't work. If they did then every one would have their desired baby. With the advancement in today's technology, however people will no longer have to engage in these silly myths. Definition .. ... Retrieved March 11, 2004, from Lee, Ellie (2003 April). Debating designer babies. Retrieved on March 14, 2004, from Marsh, Beezy (2003 December). Mother loses designer baby planned to save her son. Retrieved March 13, 2004, from &_docunum=3&wchp=dGLbVtz-zSkVb&_md5=623f346923e2f9b4d3d84c4afa17e5cd Robertson, John (1994). Children of choice. New Jersey: Princeton University Press. Sofer, William (1991). Genetic engineering. Massacusettes: Butterworth-Heinemann. What is germ line therapy? (n.d.). Retrieved on March 24, 2004, from

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