Friday, October 18, 2019

The United States vs Sioux Nations of Indians Essay

The United States vs Sioux Nations of Indians - Essay Example The 1877 Act exercised the Congress power over Indian poverty and protected the tribal property which had been set aside by the Fort Laramie Treaty for Sioux. The treaty was concluded after the Powder River war of 1866 to 1867. The decisions undertaken in this case include the following. The government promised to provide the Sioux with the necessary services and materials and subsistence rations for four years in order for them to become civilized farmers. The United States also permitted this tribe to choose for themselves lands within the reservations for them to cultivate. The government through the executive branch decided to do away with the Nations treaty obligation of keeping safe the territory for Sioux. Besides, the court dismissed the earlier 448 U.S. 371 for lack of jurisdiction and without determining the merits of the Black Hills claim. In reference to this situation, I would like to describe a related case. I had a friend whose land was unjustly grabbed by a company. The ideal situation was that this particular company had detected some land which was rich in oil. Following its admiration, the company had decided to negotiate for the same that it would partake the necessary legal procedures. Instead of doing that, the company which was notably found to be corruptive somehow instead paid huge amounts of money to the land authorities in order to gain the consent from both parties (Seelye, # 25). The government through the lands authority on the contrarily did not protect the land and its owner. Instead, it took advantage of the lots of money offered and corruptly gave out a title deed to the company. This situation is unfair because it is classified under the crime of land grabbing. To me, both the company and the land authorities are corrupt. They should have protected the property of this citizen and acquire it in a correct way. If I were the in the position of the lands authorities, I would shun from corruption and sue this particular company for its mistake.     Ã‚  

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